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Title :Lukenya Valley Maisonnette: Type A
Category:Cattleya Apartments
Property Type: For Sale
Total Viewing: 152
Remaining: 8
Agent: Urbanis Africa
Located on Lukenya valley is a marvelous development on the quiet and serene parts of Lukenya. The beautiful and amazing Development will comprise of: A PSV Exchange (480 Sq. m) for Matatus, Bodaboda, Taxis, Market Stalls & public washrooms. Filling station with gas station, tyre centre, garage, car wash, fast food and convinience store. Public Green Space (215,658 Sq.m) comprising of landscaped Gardens/park and play field. Worship Centre containing catholic, protestant church and a mosque. Commercial plots, 84 units of 135 sq. m Service Lane Lukenya Village boulevard with a 2 way car traffic with a central tree line, 3pedestrian avenues on either side and numerous intersections to slow down car speed. Education Centre comprising of daycare centre, Nursery, Junior and upper primary school and a community hall. NB:The furniture shown in the property is not part of the sale Click to enlarge floorplans and masterplan. View plans and select a house before making a reservation.
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Super market10 minutes by car School10 minutes by car
Park10 minutes by car Cinema10 minutes by car
Coffee shop10 minutes by carAirport10 minutes by car
Bus station10 minutes by carTrain station10 minutes by car
Police station10 minutes by carTown center10 minutes by car
Shopping center10 minutes by car
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