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 Buying Process

You can Finance the purchase of your home by using one of the following options:

1. Cash Payment: You may choose to pay for your house is full. Although out of the reach of most, this option is the most cost effective.

2. Installment Payments: Depending on the construction phase of your house, and the time to deliver, you may choose to establish a 6 to 24 months payment plan. This plan is flexible and designed to suit your financial capacity. Our agents will assist you in putting in place the right payment plan for you

3. Short Term Loan: Our partner banks have designed short to medium term loans in order to assist in the purchase of a home.

5. Mortgage: Urbanis Africa has entered into a relationship with major mortgage providers in order to enable home buyers to secure the best mortgage terms. Urbanis Property Point will review your application and will negotiate on your behalf with our partners’ financial institutions in order to obtain the best mortgage terms Buy Property Online 

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